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Greece, Turkey and the end

Ormenio 🇬🇷 to Süloglu 🇹🇷 , 70 Miles

A few weeks later a cyclist was struck by lightning and killed near the Erdine border post

Again a transcript from my go pro. Black screen, heavy rain on canvas

Right, um, what happened today? Errr, woke up in the field, mud, everything is covered in mud, the bike covered in mud, shoes thick with mud, um and I dont really think I had any breakfast which probably wasn't a good idea. Oh that's it, I was hungry through the night so I woke up dreaming about food and I remember that I had some Snickers. I had a Snickers at about two in the morning and then, um. Then on the bike cycling up this hill to the first village. It wasn't raining or anything, it was nice, I was just trying to clear away the mud, it was very clay like caught up in the brakes, mud guards and stuff. Then comes along this guy on a bicycle he got this flip phone playing Arabic music, pop music. He comes over and sorts of chats, I do the Kirkenes Black sea thing - what happens then, - oh he offers me a cigarette and tells me his name - Illia - and then off he goes.

Going through Greece, you can see the houses are good quality, all these houses I've seen lately have been derelict with plaster hanging off. These are all clean, white and well maintained and marbelised, you know, it was bungalows for old folks, that must have been what the bail out must have been all about, you know all the cars are not Ladas or any thing like that. Stopped at a garage saw some dogs lying around and went through two or three towns like that or villages before the ride down to customs and into Turkey.

A very short stay in Greece. At the Turkish border very ... had to pay for a visa, twenty euros. At the control I saw a cyclist that I met in Serbia on the Hungary border, he was going in the other direction then and had taken a different route

. I'll look it up in the diary for definate. he is from Korea and we cycled into Erime the town, lovely town. Had lunch together and swapped stories and then had to get on, he went off to find his hotel.

I stopped at a supermarket to get some stuff there were some Brits in there who lived in Bulgaria but were over her to take advantage of the exchange rate so they were stocking up. Cycling off it started to rain and thunder quite heavily and then I didnt stay on the road I was on, lorries, heavy rain and stuff like this so I decided not to go on the Eurovelo route and decided to take what I thought would be a quieter and um quicker route, I think it was quieter, what they do her is they toot at you from a distance to let them know that they're overtaking. I don't know, the traffic coming towards you also toots, so they're all super friendly, um I'm just pretty tired. Yeah, I'm tired, its a bit like Russia, bicycles are a bit of a novelty, people are waving and stuff. I've made up some breakfast for tomorrow, the last 75 miles. As you can hear, its raining. Night.

Süloglu 🇹🇷 to Tsarevo 🇧🇬, 79 Miles